Glass bottles finish incentive

Glass bottles finish incentive

The glass production forming, sometimes the bottle will appear with many dots of wrinkled skin, bubbles scratch etc, for the following several reasons caused by:

1. The glass material billet fell into the early form not accurate early into the mold, and mould wall friction is too large, formed broken lines, are from blowing wrinkles diffusion amplifier, in the glass bottle fold formation.

2. The upper material feeding machine point cut too large, individual bottle forming cut appear in body scar.

3. Glass molding and ChengMo material at the beginning of the poor, density is not enough, after high temperature oxidation too fast, in the mold surface of the formation of small concave dot, causing the surface of glass bottle after molding, bright and clean.

4. Glass bottles die poor quality of oil will make mould lubrication is not enough, drop speed reduce material, material type change too fast.

5. Beginning mould design is reasonable, the cavity large or small, drops into the material of forming dies, is blowing spread not even, can make glass bottle a dot six machine drops uneven material speed, the wind improper adjustment can make glass bottle mouth at the beginning of the mould and ChengMo temperature not harmonious, easy in the glass bottle bottle manufacturing cold spot, directly influence the finish.

7. In glass kiln liquid materials not clean or material temperature is not even, also can make the output glass bottles appear bubble, the small particles, small hemp billet.

8. Too fast or slow procession conveying rate of speed will appear glass bottle... not even, bottles of wall bao hou is differ, produce spotted.

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