Glass products annealing process

Glass products of the annealing process generally includes four stages. The first stage for products of the heating stage, when glass products in finished forming, into annealing furnace, as the forming process and transport products itself, the temperature drop, is general under glass annealing temperature, especially some thin-

walled products, so when products into the annealing furnace, the products must be heated to determine the good annealing temperature in advance. Glass in the heating process, its surface layer compression stress, and by the inner tensile stress. As a result of glass compressive strength is far greater than the itself tensile strength of more than ten times so at this moment, the heating speed can be appropriate faster some. But in the heating process produced by temperature gradient temporary stress and the inherent stress not greater than the sum of the permanent tensile strength limit, or products will burst. In actual production, from anneal furnace out of the products are frequently found have broken phenomenon, this is one of the reasons.

Immediately after the products in forming into annealing furnace heated annealing method, called a annealing; If the forming good products directly to the cooling heating again later to annealing temperature method, called secondary annealing. Glass products of the production is commonly used immediately after forming good into annealing furnace a annealing method. For some need to bake the mouth processing products, if after the mouth when stress, need to be in a second annealing to eliminate stress.

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